Prevent Eye Strain or Headache while using Computer with f.lux (Flux)

Prevent Eye Strain while using Computer with Flux (f.lux) Filter

f.lux is a tiny software that acts as a blue light filter for your PC. It adds a filter to the Display to remove the Blue Rays which are harmful for the eyes. Most of you may be familiar with a blue light filter app and what it does. But those who dont't know, basically a blue light filter app filters all the harmful blue rays from the Display screen. We spend hours in front of our PC resulting in our eyes getting stressed by the harmful blue rays. These rays also have many bad effects on our health like headaches and disturbed sleep cycles. So, it is highly recommended to use f.lux while using PC. It is a smart program and has many useful features for our eye care. 

Prevent Eye Strain or Headache while using Smartphone with Twilight

Prevent Eye Strain while using Smartphone in the dark with Twilight

We all get addicted to our smartphones, mobiles or tabs and spend a lot of time using them throughout the day as well as at night. Using them continuously not only damages our eyes but also has a heavy toll on our health including lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. Hence, Urbandroid Team has come up with a Very effective app Twilight. This app is not an ordinary blue light filter app. The developers have created this app with a work of perfection. The app's algorithms and effectiveness have proved that by using this app you can get an hour of extra sleep as well as protect your eyes from the harmful blue rays. Download Torrents at 3 - 5 Mbps even with slow internet Tutorial Download Speed Constant at 3.4 Mbps

What is
Everyone nowadays is familiar with Torrents. But for those who do not know what basically a torrent is, a torrent is a much better way to download files from the Internet. Because, using torrents, a user gets the additional functionality to pause and resume downloads. Big files can be downloaded in parts without having to keep the machine on until the download completes. There are various torrent hosting sites for that. But is a better alternative to those sites.
The reason being, you get download speeds of 3 MB/s - 5 MB/s even if you have a slow bandwidth or slowest of internet connections.

Don't believe this?? 
Take my case I have a connection of 600kb/s only Pretty Slow? Eh?
Yet I download all stuff at 3 to 5 MB/s. 
I know it doesn't sound Legit. 600kb/s connection downloading at 3.5mb/s!!!!

Please Note : -  This Article is for educational purpose only. Using torrents to download copyrighted content such as movies, games, TV shows, etc. is totally illegal and I discourage such practice. Torrents should only be used to download free and open source content.

How does work
Basically It is a local peering network so you get the locally seeded torrents first giving you max downloading speeds.

Try it out yourself to believe it!! Its gonna be really Useful.
Just follow the steps... Tutorial
1.     You need Utorrent or some similar software installed on your PC. Then go to .
2.     Search for the stuff you want to download. For example:- Tutorial Website Screenshot

3.     Now you see top torrents have a green smiley after them. Those are the ones we want to download . The ones with a red smiley cannot be downloaded at fast speed. They will download at normal internet speeds only. But this is no big issue. You do find green smileys easily.
4.     Select the one with a green smiley. Now select the option download through magnet. Your utorrent window should pop up. Tutorial Utorrent Screenshot

5.     Click Ok and there you go!! Check You Download speeds...I got 3.4 MB/s !!! Tutorial Download Speed Constant at 3.4 Mbps

So that wasn't very tricky . Just a neat simple way to get faster download speeds even if you have slow connections. 

Please Note....
The Service does not work with all Internet Service Providers [ISP's]. Only ISP's registered with their service avail this feature.
On opening if you see a message that "your ISP is not
 a member of the peering network", you are one of those unlucky ones for whom this thing won't work. You won't get any green smileys and all your downloads will be at normal internet speeds only. Most of the ISP's are registered although. Those unlucky ones time to change your ISP.

So what was your experience with Do share your experience through the comments. Know of some better alternative to Feel free to share with the community through the comments.

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Prevent Eye Strain when Using Smartphone

Prevent Eye Strain when Using Computer