Prevent Eye Strain or Headache while using Computer with f.lux (Flux)

Prevent Eye Strain while using Computer with Flux (f.lux) Filter

f.lux is a tiny software that acts as a blue light filter for your PC. It adds a filter to the Display to remove the Blue Rays which are harmful for the eyes. Most of you may be familiar with a blue light filter app and what it does. But those who dont't know, basically a blue light filter app filters all the harmful blue rays from the Display screen. We spend hours in front of our PC resulting in our eyes getting stressed by the harmful blue rays. These rays also have many bad effects on our health like headaches and disturbed sleep cycles. So, it is highly recommended to use f.lux while using PC. It is a smart program and has many useful features for our eye care. 

Why f.lux for effective prevention of Eye Strain and headaches

flu.x is a light Program with a very nice UI and Simplest of Controls. It is light around 500kb only.
f.lux is a must download for users who spend their time in front of the PC all the time. Download f.lux for Windows, Linux or Mac 

f.lux Activated Screenshot

How to use f.lux to prevent Eye Strain and Headaches

Once you have downloaded f.lux, install it and there's nothing to configure at start up. Just enter your location and f.lux will adjust your monitor's color temperature according to the location, time and position of the sun. Blue light will get filtered. You can even manually change the color temperature by going into the settings panel. The settings configurable are color temperature at day, at night, location and transition speed.

f.lux Settings UI

f.lux also has a Movie Mode to watch movies without affecting the color temperature and the colors. Darkroom Mode can be used to use the PC in Dark conditions. It is similar to color inversion but not completely. Darkroom Mode increases the Contrast of the Display. There is also an option for Safe Mode to use f.lux in Safe Mode.

f.lux gives us options to disable it until sunrise as well as disable it for an hour when you are doing some color prioritized work. It is highly recommended to use this program daily to keep your eyes Healthy.

So, how effective has f.lux proved to prevent eye strain while using your computer or laptop?? Do share your experience in the comments. Know of some better alternative?? Feel free to share it with the community in the comments.

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