Prevent Eye Strain or Headache while using Smartphone with Twilight

Prevent Eye Strain while using Smartphone in the dark with Twilight

We all get addicted to our smartphones, mobiles or tabs and spend a lot of time using them throughout the day as well as at night. Using them continuously not only damages our eyes but also has a heavy toll on our health including lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. Hence, Urbandroid Team has come up with a Very effective app Twilight. This app is not an ordinary blue light filter app. The developers have created this app with a work of perfection. The app's algorithms and effectiveness have proved that by using this app you can get an hour of extra sleep as well as protect your eyes from the harmful blue rays.
Thus helping us in getting a better sleep cycle and getting rid of the eye straining and headaches.

How Twilight helped me in getting rid of eye strain issues

I have been using this app for a couple of months and it does the job just perfectly. I have got rid of my eyes getting stressed in the dark. I can use my mobile without straining my eyes and disturbing my sleep cycle. In the dark, Blue light from the Display keeps us from sleeping. This app filters the blue light in a very scientific way hence preventing eyes strain, headaches and making us feel sleepy.

Download Twilight for Android

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It comes with many useful features. This is the app you need when reading at the night time. It can save you from a bad reading. While reading you will not feel strain in the eyes and you will be able to read comfortably. 

It allows you to manually adjust the color temperature for the display, Intensity and screen dim. Another great feature is that, the app can automatically filter the screen based on the sun's position or an alarm or you can also create your own custom profiles. An option for auto-pause in specified apps is also available. Another useful thing is that this app is also compatible with Philips Hue to give your eyes the most comfortable viewing experience.

This app Has a user rating of 4.6 and Urbandroid Team is a Google Verified Top Developer and Its Free to download On the Google Play Store.

It also has a Pro Version if you want to unlock some pro features and donate for further development of the app..

So, how effectively has Twilight helped you? Do let us know in the comments below. Also if you know of some better alternative, feel free to share it to the community in the comments.

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